About this Blog

My name is David Gordon, and I work on the Enterprise Integration Practice team at Red Hat. This means my job is to generally enhance Red Hat consulting practices around integration-related engagements. I travel to meet on-site with customers throughout North America to work on planning and implementation, and take a leadership role around internal communication and various projects that help Red Hat consulting deliver solutions efficiently and effectively.

On a personal note, my home is in Orlando, Florida, where I thoroughly enjoy the warm weather and diverse culture. My excitement to return to beautiful Central Florida at the end of the work week is matched only by the dozens of Disney-bound kids with whom I typically share the flight home.

My view is that the Open Source model is crucial for the advancement of the global software community. Red Hat has provided me with a supremely fulfilling opportunity to participate with successful companies to implement Open Source technology that solves real-world business problems.

This blog is designed to be an open communication channel between me and open source communities, especially those working with Red Hat supported technologies. I will post about my experiences at Red Hat, and offer some bits of knowledge to the public that I've found useful, but may not be obviously documented yet.

Please feel free to reach out on Twitter, LinkedIn, or the comment sections throughout this site.

If you happen to be curious about the blog software implementation, quick shout-out to the folks at Ghost.org. I've really enjoyed the simplicity of the blogging experience they have engineered, and I'm very proud of the authors for contributing the code to the community. That's the open source spirit that fuels my passion, and I wish them continued success with their business model.